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ESTRADA & PARTNERS sponsors an expedition in the Amazon.

Posted by crece on septiembre 7, 2015
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“The real estate consultancy firm Estrada & Partners has sponsored an expedition formed by three expert biologists in the most unexplored area of the Amazon to discover new mammal, bird and fish species.”


7th may 2015.


The expedition, which is named Expedición Aripuanã, is formed by three expert biologists, among them Albert Burgas, a catalan born in Torroella de Montgrí, as well as a couple of American biologists from University of Lousiana and Prescott College of Arizona, who has a wide experience in Amazon rainforest habitats. The expedition set on 11th July and will last for five weeks, where they will trail and prospect the mid and final stretch of Aripuanã River, whose area comprehends Mato Grosso and Amazonas regions, both belonging to Brasil.  


Inside this area, practically unexplored since nowadays, there has been reported the presence of new species, endemic, of mammals, birds and fishes, highlighting seven monkey species, a tapir, a peccary, a manatee and a large feline. That is the reason why the main goal of this expedition is to report and confirm the existence of this species and other undocumented ones in order to spread the knowledge about the wildlife in this area of the Amazon. This will be through video recordings to spot the movements of the mammals, voice recordings to capture the bird songs and interviews to the locals, as well as several hours of observation and following the trails of the animals.


With the purpose of making real this expedition and the incoming ones, Estrada & Partners will economically support and promote to companies and people which can also contribute on it in future crowdfunding campaigns set for this goal.


For further information please visit the expedition official site and click here to donate. 

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